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Vintage Loose Figures Accessories and Weapons

Vintage Original 1977-1993 Star Wars Items.  Need a good guide to figure out what you have? Or if it is an original or a reproduction? We use  http://www.imperialgunnery.com/ to verify our accessories are legit originals or Reproductions.

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POTF Coin Case

SKU: 284

Price: $1.28

Quantity Pricing:


Power Droid Antenna

SKU: 2083

Price: $8.99
Out of Stock

Rancor Keeper Gaderffii Stick / vibroblade

SKU: 391

Price: $14.99

Rebel Blaster Blue/Black

SKU: 2142

Price: $18.89
Out of Stock

Rebel Blaster Gun Blue

SKU: 2143

Price: $19.49

Rebel Commando Rifle

SKU: 390

Price: $16.99
Out of Stock

Ree-Yee's Gold Gun Kenner

SKU: 2076

Price: $15.99

ROTJ Battle at Sarlacc's Pit Chewy Board Game piece

SKU: 546

Price: $0.99

ROTJ Battle at Sarlace's Pit Game Piece Han Solo

SKU: 3708

Price: $2.04

Squidhead Grey Blaster Gun

SKU: 2144

Price: $19.89
Out of Stock

Sy Snootles Skirt

SKU: 913

Price: $9.98

Teebo Battle Horn

SKU: 368

Price: $8.29

Vibro Axe

SKU: 2072

Price: $6.99

Vintage Darth Vader Micro Machine Part

SKU: 544

Price: $0.99

Yoda Belt

SKU: 910

Price: $9.99
Out of Stock

75 products found. Showing 61 - 75
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