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  It's a new year and time you can treat yourself again! Just in a nice collection of vintage 70's action figures! Added several to our store already more to come soon. There is also a large selection of vintage GI Joe parts in this group. So this month we are offering 20% off all items in ourGI Joe Vehicle and Playset parts and Pieces Category. Just use Code GIJOE20% at check out to receive this discount.

What a great weekend! Not even the weather could slow us down. Was good to see so many old friends, we have not seen recently. As well as meeting so many new friends! Many of you asked to come by the warehouse. You are welcome to stop by.!Just shoot us a text make sure we are "home" 317-742-5089.  When you drop in just come in the front door of the office building. We are at 650 Dale Schrier Dr. our neighbors are a trucking company, travel agency, mortgage company and Alcatraz storage. Just come in the front desk person will bring you back to the warehouse.



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