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Vintage Loose Figures Accessories and Weapons

Vintage Original 1977-1993 Star Wars Items.  Need a good guide to figure out what you have? Or if it is an original or a reproduction? We use  http://www.imperialgunnery.com/ to verify our accessories are legit originals or Reproductions.

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1988 Black Vintage Figure Stands

SKU: 716

Price: $0.88

Quantity Pricing:


2-1B Medical Droid Staff

SKU: 2084

Price: $15.99
Out of Stock

4-Lom Black Gun

SKU: 2087

Price: $16.99
Out of Stock

4-LOM Cape Light play wear

SKU: 360

Price: $3.99
Out of Stock

Admiral Ackbar V1 Staff

SKU: 2077

Price: $27.99
Out of Stock

AT-AT Driver Blaster

SKU: 62

Price: $4.99

At-AT Driver Blaster V4 Rubbery

SKU: 61

Price: $6.99

Bespin Blaster Blue

SKU: 370

Price: $10.39

Biker Scout Gun

SKU: 2086

Price: $15.99

Black Jedi Blaster

SKU: 21

Price: $55.99
Out of Stock

Boba Fett Belt

SKU: 1915

Price: $19.99

Boba Fett Cape

SKU: 1916

Price: $31.99

Boba Fett Wokkie Scalp Braids

SKU: 2150

Price: $79.99
Out of Stock

Bossk Rifle

SKU: 372

Price: $9.99
Out of Stock

Chewbacca Bowcaster

SKU: 1599

Price: $19.99
Out of Stock

Chief Chirpa Hood

SKU: 367

Price: $6.99

Cloud Car Pilot Comm Link

SKU: 2081

Price: $33.99
Out of Stock

Endor Blaster Pistol Black

SKU: 1648

Price: $99.99
Out of Stock

Ewok Chief Chirpa Staff

SKU: 378

Price: $19.29

Gamorrean Guard Axe

SKU: 2075

Price: $17.09

78 products found. Showing 1 - 20
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