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Vintage Loose Figures Accessories and Weapons

Vintage Original 1977-1993 Star Wars Items.  Need a good guide to figure out what you have? Or if it is an original or a reproduction? We use  http://www.imperialgunnery.com/ to verify our accessories are legit originals or Reproductions.

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Leia Boushh Helmet

SKU: 2073

Price: $12.99
Out of Stock

Leia Boushh long Gun Rifle

SKU: 389

Price: $13.99

Leia Hoth Bespin Blue Long Gun #2

SKU: 2078

Price: $68.99

Leia Hoth Bespin Blue/Black Long Gun

SKU: 1647

Price: $69.99

Leia White Cape Play Wear

SKU: 363

Price: $5.29

Leia White Outfit Black Long Gun

SKU: 2079

Price: $102.99

Logray HeadGear

SKU: 366

Price: $6.99

Logray Pouch

SKU: 1187

Price: $8.99

Logray Staff

SKU: 1186

Price: $10.99

Luke Bespin Lili Ledy V1 Yellow Saber

SKU: 427

Price: $38.99
Out of Stock

Luke Bespin Yellow saber

SKU: 2146

Price: $26.99

Luke Bespin Yellow Saber Version 3 PBP

SKU: 161

Price: $39.99

Luke Jedi Knight Green Light Saber V4

SKU: 59

Price: $34.99

Luke Jedi Knight Green Lightsaber

SKU: 2147

Price: $27.99

Luke Jedi variant original Blue Saber

SKU: 1649

Price: $39.99
Out of Stock

Luke Skywalker Grappling Hook Belt

SKU: 1650

Price: $4.19

Luke Skywalker Hoth Rifle

SKU: 1598

Price: $6.99

Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Cape

SKU: 2030

Price: $17.19
Out of Stock

Mexican Bootleg Weapons Tree White

SKU: 22

Price: $19.99
Out of Stock

Obi-Wan Green Light Saber

SKU: 1917

Price: $19.99
Out of Stock

78 products found. Showing 41 - 60
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