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About Us

We provide quality vintage and modern collectibles and toys to help recapture your youth.

"We make you feel young again, by making you feel old."

For those of you who don’t personally know us. I will start with we have an unconventional view on replacement vintage accessories. They have their place. Now before I loose many of you readers,  finish reading.... 

Flash back more years than I care to say. I really started as a collector seriously when my oldest son was born. I could not wait for the “excuse” to play with him and my old toys on the floor again. So I started rummaging thru my old toys and found I was missing A LOT of accessories and parts. Who wants to play with a Vader that does not have a saber or Luke with no blaster? So we started looking for those missing pieces. We where able to find many of them quickly. I just could not see paying $35 for another real black Jedi blaster or $15 dollars for a Vader saber to play with? I was sure we would just lose them to the vacuum again or break that tip unexpectedly. So I got inexpensive replacements and they worked great for display and more importantly for us to play with.

That said, if you are going to "collect" figures GET REAL VINTAGE Accessories. That is the only way to go.

Hot Spot Collectibles and Toys was born to meet the needs of people both looking to play with their toys again and those looking to collect. It is critical to know the differences between them. As we have grown since 1994 understanding and knowledge became paramount. We have almost 22 years of dealing and  trading. All this knowledge is available to you, to help fill what ever your needs are.  The best online Star Wars source and tool we have found is:

  • http://www.imperialgunnery.com/                   

And for you GI Joe fans out there Yo Joe is an amazing site

Simple as We can put it we are your premier collectibles and toys resource. From rare Vintage accessories for your collections, to the most up to date items.

It is vital that “If it's worth collecting it's worth protecting”. We do stock a large inventory of GI Joe, Star Wars, Mego, Super Powers, Teen Age Mutant Turtles, Star Trek and Marx toys and figures. As well as a wide selection of protective gear from BCW, Protecto, Bags Unlimited and PRO-TECH just to name a few companies. Keep those great toys safe.  Be sure to check out our selection

I will close this with a bit of advice be careful too many people and businesses are scamming and selling fakes as real.  It has become so bad when buying, I do not believe many so called experts know the difference. Many new replacement parts come out every year!  It is our intent when we go to Shows and conventions to  help and teaching collectors the differences of replacement and vintage weapons, coins and accessories.

A few photos of our warehouse in Indianapolis! 

 Last tip about us we DO NOT and will not ever support "whitening" or peroxiding of figures. As far as whitening you can find a million tips and techniques on how to whiten him. Just google it or YouTube it. All revolve around peroxide. Without teaching a college level chemistry class, I will say do not whiten them. Leave them alone. Grading services are starting to reject them as treated figures, customs or tampered with. The main reason is chemically the plastic can not be actually or permanently fixed or returned to a white state. They are all bandaid techniques that will devalue a figure. It is another way for dishonorable people to fraud buyers into believing they have a cherry fresh piece without disclosing the treatment to them.