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Vintage Vehicles and Playsets

Vintage Vehicles and Playset parts

Desert Sail Skiff Mini Rig Canadian Box

SKU: 438

Price: $44.99
Out of Stock

Desert Sail Skiff Mini Rig Mint In Sealed Box

SKU: 454

Price: $104.99

Dewback with saddle

SKU: 595

Price: $19.88
Out of Stock

Ewok Assualt Catapult complete w/box

SKU: 415

Price: $48.99
Out of Stock

Ewok Glider W/ Box complete

SKU: 414

Price: $54.88
Out of Stock

Hoth Ice Planet Playset Radar Cannon

SKU: 606

Price: $8.99
Out of Stock

Land Speeder Complete w/ Box

SKU: 421

Price: $109.99
Out of Stock

Milennium Falcon Holo Table Sticker

SKU: 807

Price: $2.29

Presto Magix Wicket The Ewok Playset

SKU: 549

Price: $29.99
Out of Stock

Side Gunner Vehicle Droids

SKU: 516

Price: $189.99
Out of Stock

Snow Speeder Complete ESB

SKU: 424

Price: $109.99
Out of Stock

Speeder Bike

SKU: 610

Price: $14.49

Speeder Bike MISB ROTJ

SKU: 423

Price: $69.99
Out of Stock

Taun Taun Split Belly

SKU: 957

Price: $16.99
Out of Stock

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