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Vintage Style Replacement Weapons and Accessories

These accessories are original style replacement accessories for your vintage figures. These are NOT vintage originals. They are quality replacements at reasonable price. If you are not aware of our policy on replacement accessories please take a minute to read the following link          http://www.hotspotcollectiblesandtoys.com/about-us  . 

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Recard Kit ESB Hoth Leia

SKU: 1412

Price: $9.99

Recard Kit POTF Anakin Skywalker

SKU: 1418

Price: $9.99

Recard Kit POTF Luke Stormtrooper

SKU: 1419

Price: $9.99
Out of Stock

Recard Kit POTF Yak Face

SKU: 1420

Price: $9.99

Recard Kit Star Wars Death Star Droid

SKU: 1415

Price: $9.99

Recard Kit Star Wars Snaggletooth

SKU: 1417

Price: $9.99

Ree Yee's Gold Gun

SKU: 970

Price: $1.69

Replacement Double Telescoping Ben Kenobi BLUE Saber

SKU: 7671

Price: $18.92

Replacement Double Telescoping Darth Vader RED Saber

SKU: 254

Price: $18.99
Out of Stock

Replacement Double Telescoping Luke Skywalker YELLOW Saber

SKU: 7670

Price: $18.92

Replacement Telescoping Saber Ben Kenobi BLUE

SKU: 7690

Price: $5.92

Replacement Telescoping Saber Darth Vader RED

SKU: 7691

Price: $5.92

Replacement Telescoping Saber Luke Skywalker YELLOW

SKU: 7689

Price: $5.92

Set of 3 Double Telescoping DT Sabers

SKU: 513

Price: $59.99

Snowtrooper Cape Replacement

SKU: 7688

Price: $5.92

Snowtrooper Rifle Replacement

SKU: 7681

Price: $2.92

Sy Snootles MIC Stand Black

SKU: 268

Price: $18.99

Tusken Raider Sand People Gaffi Stick Replacement

SKU: 7686

Price: $3.92
Out of Stock

Ugnaught Case

SKU: 968

Price: $8.99
Out of Stock

Uncle Gundy Black Ree-Yee's Gun

SKU: 1164

Price: $5.99
Out of Stock

102 products found. Showing 81 - 100
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