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Vintage Original Card Backers

  Have a Card Backer not sure what it is here is a link to a great guide on vintage Kenner Card backers    http://www.12back.com/features/cardbacks/cardbacks.php3 . Not a Kenner card backer you have check out Mr. Palitoy for a great guide on none Kenner Backers        http://www.freewebs.com/mrpalitoy/rotj65dcardback.htm .  We do carry the proper size bags to store your card backers.  We have hundreds of card backers in stock.  Need additional help feel free to reach out to us. Be sure to include several photos of what you got! 

77 products found. Showing 61 - 77
ROTJ Rebel Commando 65 Back

SKU: 555

Price: $4.49
Out of Stock

ROTJ Squid Head 65 A Back

SKU: 585

Price: $4.99

ROTJ Squid Head 77 A Backer

SKU: 1287

Price: $4.99

ROTJ Teebo 77 A Backer

SKU: 1289

Price: $4.99

ROTJ Wicket Unpunched 77 Back

SKU: 559

Price: $5.89
Out of Stock

ROTJ Wicket W. Warrick 77 A Backer

SKU: 1290

Price: $5.09

SW C-3PO 12 A Card Backer

SKU: 563

Price: $6.99

SW C-3PO 12 C Backer

SKU: 1251

Price: $9.09

SW Death Star Droid 20 Back

SKU: 568

Price: $4.99
Out of Stock

SW Greedo 21 A Card Backer

SKU: 564

Price: $9.99

SW Hammerhead 21 A Backer

SKU: 1254

Price: $14.99
Out of Stock

SW Jawa 20 A Backer

SKU: 1253

Price: $15.99

SW R2-D2 12 A Backer

SKU: 1252

Price: $12.99

SW R2-D2 12 A Card Backer

SKU: 565

Price: $15.98
Out of Stock

SW R5-D4 20 Back

SKU: 570

Price: $6.99

SW SnaggleTooth 21 A card Backer

SKU: 566

Price: $7.99

SW Snaggletooth 21 B Backer

SKU: 1250

Price: $7.09

77 products found. Showing 61 - 77
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